How to style the perfect kitchen.

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How to style the perfect kitchen.

How to style the perfect kitchen.

Whether your canteen layout is the caboose, island bench, L-shape, or peninsula, here are decorating pointers from interior decorator Greg Natale, who makes a simple mantra of art and styling for each of these spaces.

Once your renovation of the canteen is complete it may take some time before your luxurious styling the new space to reflect your brand-new lifestyle. We have collaborated the work of interior planner Greg Natale for his insider knowledge and any kitchen layout rules that apply.

“The kitchen is much like the anchor point for the family,” says Greg. “It can serve as a great space for entertaining and working on your day-to-day errands.”

How to style the perfect kitchen.

“When styling a kitchen, it is important to consider how you will be using the room.”


How to style up your kitchen with a simple elegance

“Flowers and fresh produce on display are always a good idea,” suggests Greg. “I tend to encourage elegant arrangements that are a single flower type in a simple fish bowl style vase.”

“Fruit and vegetables in a large beautiful bowl are simple materials that complement the bench tops in the room while also bring life to the room. Cookbooks are also such an evocative styling device, too – they look beautiful and they belong in the kitchen.”

Simple ideas for kitchen styling

“I believe keeping countertop appliances and cooking utensils predominately concealed is the way to go in a galley style kitchen,” says ILVE Appliances partner Greg. “A kitchen of any type quickly becomes cluttered, harder to keep clean and becomes a sea of cables when countertop appliances are all over the bench.”

“Peninsula kitchens, l-shape kitchens and island bench kitchens normally have more room to work with when it comes to styling. These spaces always need some lovely stools that sit perfectly against the bench top.”

“Don’t be afraid to work with pattern and texture”

“Tall empty vases with visual texture can give a kitchen depth against a splash back,” suggests Greg. “Since these spaces have an extended island, the spaces have more room to add, just be sure you don’t overcompensate and clutter them.”

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