Wallpaper DIYs for the Home.

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Wallpaper DIYs for the Home


After beautification of walls, many of us have a roll or two left of wallpaper in our houses. Why throw rem out! You can put these leftover wallcoverings to good and fancy use. Check out these 10 design ideas for motivation so you can get all crafty with your home decor this festive season. They are so beautiful that no one will ever believe they are made from leftover pieces of wallpaper!

1) DIY Origami Lampshade

Wallcoverings are such a handy medium. Can you even think that this swinging lamp is built from the leftover wallpaper? It looks as if it came from an upscale store with a big price tag. Your friends will not believe that you made this beautiful lamp yourself!

2) DIY Wall Art

Do you have some empty space on your wall and an empty pocketbook as well? Not to worry, wallcovering to the saving. Take some leftover wallpaper pieces and arrange them on your wall as art. Cheap, easy and fun, but oh so fashionable!

3) Marimekko Stair and Lampshade Upcycle

Marimekko is a Finnish company that has been in business since 1951. They are known for products that feature bold colors and designs. Claire, the owner of Pillar Box Blue, revamped her stairway and hallway light with wallpaper designed by this company. As Claire says in the tutorial, “You either loved or hated it,” there is no middle ground with this design style.

If you have stairs that have seen better days in your home, revamping them with wallpaper strips is an economical and quirky solution! You will love the colorful transformation every time you use your stairway. Your staircase will never have looked better.

4) Upcycled Wallpaper Covered Radio

Wallpaper can be applied to almost any vertical surface as long as the surface is clean and dry. You can even give an old radio new life with some old-fashioned floral styled wallpaper. A perfect look for those that love vintage style design. If your radio gets lots of use you might want to give your wallpaper a coat of polyurethane or Mod Podge to seal it and keep it fresh.

5) Wallpaper Flower Wreath


Many wallpaper rolls have beautiful flowers printed on the paper as part of the design. Make a cute wreath by cutting out the paper flowers and arranging them in a circle. Add some natural eucalyptus as filler, and you have lovely home decor that costs almost nothing to make!

This craft is easy enough for kids to do, and would work well with homeschoolers, scout groups and in the classroom as a cute springtime craft.

6) Five Minute DIY: Decoupaged Wooden Tray

Add some color and pizzazz to an ordinary wooden tray with some leftover wallpaper scraps. Measure the bottom of the tray and cut a rectangle of the paper to size. Then apply decoupage medium to the bed of the tray. Attach the wallpaper cutout to the bottom of the tray and dry. Get ready to receive compliments from your guests! This project is a no-fail craft that anyone can make in under five minutes. These trays would make lovely gifts for the people in your life.

7) DIY Lampshade with a Hidden Design

Line a lampshade with geometrically printed wallpaper for an instant designer look at budget prices. The inner lining looks elegant during the daylight hours and adds interest at night. The printed design peeks through the shade when the lamp is turned on.

8) Wallpaper Photo Backdrop

Make a photo backdrop from leftover scraps of vintage style wallpapers. Can you imagine a bride and her bridesmaids in front of this shabby chic wall? Such a lovely and feminine photo backdrop that costs next to nothing! What a fabulous way to repurpose leftover floral wallpapers.

9) Wallpaper Decoupage Flower Pots

Make your flower pots into pieces of art with leftover floral wallpaper and decoupage medium that is formulated for use outdoors. Your deck or patio will look beautifully decorated with these crafty beauties! You will smile every time you look at your plants. So pretty!

10) Wallpaper as Gift Wrap

Wallpaper can be converted into many things, but none is more helpful than using it as a wrapping paper. Cover your gifts with leftover wallcoverings, and you will have an inexpensive yet stunning display. You could also wrap your gift in plain old butcher or freezer paper and decorate with wallpaper cutouts as in the photo above. Save your money and save the planet at the same time by recycling.

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