Wooden Floorings

Flooring speaks a story too, Let your's be stylish as you.

Flooring is a crucial expanse of any and every premise. We conjecture that every flooring has to be right and has to be on time; So, we consequently plan according to your calendar to give you what you deserve. We comprehend the scope of completing what’s asked of us. As our men are trained to evaluate and finish the work guaranteeing a good finishing and high standards.

We do have worked for some elite clients and have learned from our demise. So, now we understand and specialized in flooring related products, therefore, we are able to answer any of your query related to the product, installation, and service.

We do undertake residential and commercial projects and make sure we provide hands-on training to individual customer and departments. For e.g., Hotel Maintenance Department, after we are done giving the final touch to your floors we make sure that its cleaning and maintenance is taken care off. We at Fakhri Decors believes in immediate service from our professional labor’s on-site – no waiting for supervisors to come from any other capital city.

Laminate Wooden Flooring

SPC Flooring

Engg & Solid Bamboo Wooden Flooring

Deck Wood Flooring

Herringbone Wooden Flooring