PVC / Vinyl Flooring

Durable & Affordable too.

Vinyl flooring is a new type of flexible flooring in the market these days. These floorings are simply artificial floor coverings made up of rubber, plastic, PVC, Vinyl. It acts as a cost-efficient replacement for natural floors such as concrete, marble, wood, and ceramic.

Resilient floors also degrade the impression of heavy objects by creating a matt effect, henceforth, reduces “slipping” mishaps.  However, as we progress into today’s era, people are growing more and more self-deliberate about living healthily and living longer. People begin to reminisce about their kids well being. Hence, they want to choose the best & ‘healthy’ flooring for their homes.

So, if you are looking for something which is durable, health-friendly and also pocket-friendly choice is PVC / Vinyl Flooring. We can even help you choose from the vast range available at Fakhri Decors. Contact Us to know more about it.