5 Reasons to Choose Wallpaper Over Paint.

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5 Reasons to Choose Wallpaper Over Paint.

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We always insist our clients on choosing paint over wallpaper. In this article let’s discuss why so? 5 reasons to choose wallpaper over paint.

1) Walls love Textures.


From nonwoven to the fabric backing, the number of wallpaper textures is immense. Texture supplements a layer of fashion that simply draws your decor unitedly. It rises and combines interest to the place. The studded wallpaper unites an emotion and builds a comfortable relaxation area for dinner parties. Paint uses rarely if ever, simulate the same level of character to your walls. Wallpaper can have metallic brogues that shimmer in the light or 3D shapes and patterns that arise from the wall.

2) Variety is a must.


From massive motive prints to smaller geometric patterns, in the field of wallpaper, there are so several options to choose from. This is another exciting way wallpaper adds a distinguished personality to your home. There are so many different patterns and styles that can enhance your walls. Printed designs, which adds dimension, are not the only options when picking a style. Lately, the drift has shifted to larger prints of work and various layers of cool patterns and graphics. The best part about choosing wallpaper is that if you can’t find the design or image you seek, we can always customize it. With new trends in digital printing, one can create any design to grace your walls.

3) Impact on Small Spaces.


Attaching wallpaper to a wall in a big space can alter the style of the place, but attaching a striking wallcovering to a small area considerably increases the impact. Redoing the dining room with wall-to-wall wallpaper modifies the energy, lightning, and feeling of the space. Small rooms demand a special balance of liveliness and reserve.

4) Art is always appreciated


Wallpaper patterns today aren’t the typical monotonous floral patterns your grandparents preferred. With influential stylists and artists colluding on new work all the time, today’s wallcovering is art. The wallpaper company Excel works with some of the best artists in the business to produce works that add fresh, pure, flair to any place. Art, one of the most prominent elements in the design, can cover your entire wall.

5) Durability.


Wallcoverings adds an extra coat to your walls, creating a protection and depending on the area, can be more enduring than paint. Another bonus is that it covers any defects/stains on walls, while completely covering uneven, or scratched areas. Wallpaper works amazingly and is a great choice.

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