Ultimate Guide For Choosing a Perfect Rug.

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Ultimate Guide For Choosing a Perfect Rug.

We at Fakhri Decors tries to help every customer on choosing their dream decor, be it be a wallpaper or a rug. A customer should feel valued whenever they get what they have imagined and selecting rugs is a part of our daily work. We are with the customers leading to the perfect rug and making sure that rug fits all their demands. We ask a broad array of questions about the type of traffic, where the rug will be placed, and what outcomes the client would like the rug to provide for the room – such as warm it up, make it look bigger, act as a focal point, or how to work with multiple rugs in one space. Here we share some of our most popular tips.


Don’t waste hours trying to match color-shades accurately. It doesn’t occur in nature, and if you try too hard, you’ll end up with an unreal look. One trick architects use often, particularly when doing a room from the start or re-doing a place, is, to begin with, a rug and pull the color-tone options from there. If you’re scared to go bright with your color, start small. A tribular rug is a great start, they go with everything.

Over-time, you will find your interest in a particular tone or a favorite color and you can pair that color with the walls or vice versa. The thing about rugs with a lot of shades and pattern elements is that you are not clasped into any one aspect and you can switch to different colors for your walls over and over again with the same rug.

Dark colors make things look smaller and light colors do the vice-versa, making things or areas appear bigger. If your space is small try using a light colored rug to make your room have a more open and spacious look.


The number one mistake for most people is getting a rug that is too small. Rugs that exceed the limits of the furniture can make a room appear larger. We like to say any rug size can work but some rugs are just too small. A small rug makes everything else look out of scale. The rug sets the ground for what rests on it. So, well we at Fakhri Decors take the measurement from our end to be sure about the delivery.


Mixing rugs can be simple. But, unlike balancing your rug with the colors on a wall, your floor will converse loud if those colors conflict with each other. The easy way is to adhere to the same color code but play with the design. You can also begin with a natural rug and operate from there. If you want to go bold then do it!


A rug is one of those features that makes your room’s decor feel “complete.” It can also improve while warming up your place or bending hard coverings like wood and tile flooring, which can come off seeming and feeling cold underfoot. Especially long hallways that can appear large with these rugs.


The most common material in rugs are wool but viscose and synthetics make up a tremendous market share as well. Many people come in asking what substance should they choose and the answer for us is always wool. However, wool tends to have a higher price point correlated to synthetics. Viscose is used as a replacement for silk. It has the same feel as silk but lays like wool. It also has the advantage of being a little easier on your pocketbook but keeps in mind, nothing strikes true silk.

Lastly, DON’T BE AFRAID to inquire while shopping. Our team is competent and qualified to answer any questions you have. Our goal is to help you make your home/office beautiful, warm, and something you can be happy with creating for your family and friends.

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